1. Mackerel



In the morning, we went fishing
A little shadow without a sound,
Slicing the oceans underside,
Silver corkscrewing down

In the house by the sea there was singing,
Around the spitting of a pan,
Faces flicker in the light,
Of a salty midnight sun

In the evening you went walking,
A little shadow by the ocean wide,
Up to the mountain you followed your eyes,
And clutching, climbed towards the sky

In the house by the sea there’s silence,
There’s quiet where there once was sound,
We took the line and pulled together,
Cutting open time

By midnight, there was shouting,
And our voices echoed around,
Into the shadow where you were found,
Lying like a green leaf on a snowy ground

In the morning, we’ll go fishing,
And feel life tugging on the line,
Under a mountain so much bigger,
And an ocean all too wide,

And we’ll pull them up fighting and dancing,
And we’ll pull them up bright and wild,
Slicing the ocean’s underside,
With all of life in their eyes